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Terms & Conditions

Adogma’s Cottage



By booking Adogma’s Cottage YOU AGREE to be bound by these terms and conditions and accept full responsibility for yourself as well as any guests, children, dogs and visitors at the premises during your stay.


1.           THE BOND

1.1                You agree that a credit card imprint of $500.00 be taken as a bond and will be retained for the duration of your stay at Adogma’s Cottage.

1.2                You agree that any breakages and damage to Adogma’s Cottage must be paid for and can be deducted from the $500.00 bond.

1.3                You hereby authorise the agents/owners of Adogma’s Cottage to deduct further amounts from the credit card held for any breakages and damages that may exceed the $500 bond held.

1.4                You agree that the $500.00 will not be released until Adogma’s Cottage has been inspected at the end of your stay (usually within 24 hours after departure).

1.5                Please note that failure to abide by Conditions 2.1 a), 2.1 b) and 2.1 c) below, will result in an automatic loss of bond.



2.1                You agree:

a)       To use the holiday premises for normal residential purposes only – parties/functions are strictly prohibited;

b)       Not to use the holiday premises, or cause or permit the holiday premises to be used for any commercial purpose;

c)        Not to use the holiday premises, or cause or permit the holiday premises to be used, for any illegal purpose;

d)       Not to cause or permit a nuisance;

e)       Not to interfere, or cause or permit interference, with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of neighbours.

2.2         You agree:

That you will not smoke inside the premises, nor will you cause or permit the smoking of others inside the premises.

2.3         You agree:

That you will not rearrange or change around furniture, bedding or furnishings within the holiday premises.

2.4         You agree:

That you will not intentionally/unintentionally or negligently cause or permit damage to the holiday premises.

2.5         You agree:

§  that you are responsible for the actions of others who are at the holiday premises with your consent, and

§  that you are responsible for your own belongings kept in the holiday premises during your stay.

2.6         You agree:

That the number of guests is not to exceed 6 people.



3.1         We warrant that the holiday premises are in a tidy and reasonably clean condition and free of damage at the commencement of your stay. You agree to leave the holiday premises in the same condition at the end of your stay.

3.2         If you disagree that the premises are tidy and reasonably clean and free of defects at the commencement of your stay it is your responsibility to immediately notify us by telephone, email or by facsimile of any discrepancy or item of damage.

3.3         You understand that if you fail to notify us of any disagreement with the owners’ warranty that the holiday premises are in a tidy and clean condition and free of damage, you could be held liable for any costs to clean and/ or rectify any damage that will be deemed to have been caused during your occupation of the holiday premises.

3.4         You agree that the cost of any cleaning and/or repair costs can be deducted from your bond and if the bond is insufficient to cover costs you agree to any additional amounts being deducted from your credit card without further notice to you; [See also clause 1 Bond above].

3.5         You agree to clean the barbeque after use and leave in same condition as it was found otherwise a cleaning fee will be deducted from the bond.  No honey marinades to be used on the barbeque.


4.           BOOKINGS

4.1         Direct debit, cheque and credit card (Visa and Mastercard only) payments for bookings.

4.2         We require a 50% deposit of holiday tariff at time of booking.  Full payment is required 14 days prior to arrival.  Booking is not secured until deposit and signed Booking Confirmation Form is received.

4.3         We will forward to you a confirmation of your booking, address details and directions.

4.4         We reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time for whatever reason provided 30 days written notice is given to you. Should this occur all monies paid by you will be refunded in full.



5.1         In the event of cancellation:

§  Prior 14 days (Christmas high season 21 days) deposit will be forfeited unless the property is re-let to cover the dates of your booking and at the same tariff less a 12% administration fee. We will take all reasonable steps to relet the premises for the same period at the same rate.

§  Within 48 hours – no refund is given.



6.1      You agree:

a)       To be fully responsible for any dogs and/or cats on the holiday premises during your stay.

b)       To be fully responsible for your pets’ captivity in the yard during your stay. Every effort has been made to make it as secure as possible for most dogs, but some dogs will always escape.  We encourage you to keep the gate closed during your stay.  Dogs/cats are not to be left unattended inside Adogma’s Cottage. You are responsible for your dogs/cats at ALL TIMES. You are in a prime residential area with the usual council laws against barking dogs. Dogs may be left unattended in the back yard only if you can ensure they do not bark, therefore not exceeding council laws and not disturbing the neighbours.

6.2      You agree that:

a)       Only well behaved and supervised dogs are allowed inside the holiday premises; and

b)      No dogs are allowed on furniture and beds whilst inside the holiday premises – if bed linen, covers or furniture are stained by your pet/s, you will be charged a professional cleaning fee. If cleaning is unsuccessful, you may be charged a replacement fee; and

c)        Dogs are not to be locked inside if you are away from the holiday premises from time to time. A large crate is provided for cat owners to  crate the cat/s  for times when leaving the premises unattended.

6.3        You agree to: a maximum number of 2 dogs and 2 cats at the holiday premises unless prior arrangement with the owner.

6.4        You agree:

a)       To hose down areas of grass where dogs have urinated; and

b)       To pick up and dispose of any doggie doos left by dogs at the holiday premises.

6.5         You agree:

a)       To treat your dog/s or cat/s for fleas and ticks PRIOR to your stay at the holiday premises; and

b)       That your dog/s’ or cat/s’ vaccinations are current and you will provide a copy of your dog/s’ or cat/s’ vaccination records at time of booking. Dogs need C5  and cats need F3.

6.6       We will not allow dogs on the holiday premises that are:

a)       Vicious

b)       Excessive barkers (although we do understand that dogs bark from time to time); and/or

c)        “Dangerous dogs” as defined in section 5 of the Companion Animals Act 1998.


7.           GARBAGE

7.1         You agree to place all garbage in the outside garbage bins provided.

7.2         If your stay at the holiday premises falls on a collection day it is your responsibility to put the bins out for collection; (there is a notice on the fridge indicating what days are the appropriate collection days – currently Thursday).

7.3         If excessive garbage is left at the premises at the end of your stay you will be charged a $50.00 removal fee, which will be deducted from your bond.