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Important info

Important points to make your stay a pleasant one: for you, for us and our neighbours!

It is important that the terms and conditions are respected and carried out – we offer a special service (pet-friendly accommodation) that can be hard to find and often expensive. But with that comes a responsibility for our clients to do the right thing.

The material below is found in a printed form as part of a welcome pack – usually left for you on the dining room table. It is important that you become familiar with the contents – the items are all common-sense points to ensure that we can keep offering our lovely cottage to pet owners on holiday …

A copy of TERMS AND CONDITIONS can be found in  the yellow information folder called Adogma’s Cottage.

A few important details:

Please be aware that the Mountain is a risk area for paralysis ticks – it’s best to ensure that at least a few days before you make the journey, you have applied Frontline or Advantix to your pets. During and after your stay, please check your pets regularly to make sure they haven’t picked up any ticks, especially on their back, around ears, nose and mouth.

We have limited water as we are on tank water. Water to be used for house hold uses not for washing cars. Washing machine to be used for personal use. If you do require fresh towels and linen, please ring Barbara (Dogma)  0405 329 002 or .

Leave your linen and towels in the vestibule at the front of house for a swap. We are happy to do an exchange for you at any time. When using the spa bath ensure that water covers the silver nozzles.

There are extra towels in the cupboard at the back door that can be used for your pets.

Please do not flush foreign matters down the toilet system as it will block the holding tanks and pipes.

Please do not place any hot items on bench tops. Wooden boards are provided.

Please try and avoid putting any fat down the kitchen sink- we certainly appreciate it if you drain the fat onto paper towels / newspaper that is provided.

All dishes to be washed and to be returned to cupboards.

BBQ is to be cleaned after use otherwise a cleaning fee will be deducted from your bond. Oven to be cleaned if you have an extended stay.

Pick up and dispose of doggy doos left by your dog. Poo bags are in the dog toy bowl in the front vestibule, on the garden table and in the cupboard at the backdoor. The gardener arrives every Wednesday 8 am. Please ensures all doggy doos have been collected before the arrival of the gardener. Access to the back yard will be required so please have your pets with you so the grass may be cut.

Rubbish day is Thursday morning. The gardener will place rubbish bins out on Wednesday. Please ensure bins are returned to back yard on Thursday.

To open Crimsafe windows, one must depress the largest panel on the window frame, either on the left or right and pull.

Dogs are not to be left unattended inside Adogma’s Cottage. You are responsible for your dogs at ALL TIMES. You are in a prime residential area with the usual council laws against barking dogs. Dogs may be left unattended in the back yard only if you can ensure they do not bark, therefore not exceeding council laws and not disturbing the neighbours.

If you do decide to leave you pet unattended please use a pet sitting service, or have an anti-bark device fitted. Anti-bark collars can be hired from Dogma  for $5 a day per dog. Please book in advance for a collar. A delivery fee of $20 will be charged if collars are delivered during your stay, due to a neighbourhood barking dog complaint. Adogma’s Cottage is not a kennel.

Please leave the cottage in the same condition that you found it. A cleaning fee will be deducted from your bond if it has not been left in a good state. If your pet does have an accident, there are cleaning cloths in the cupboard at the back door and paper towels provided under the sink. If carpets or cow hide are soiled, clean and absorb the mess and then blot with vinegar which is under the kitchen sink and notify Barbara (Dogma) . We do understand that accidents do happen!

Visitors to Adogma’s Cottage, please feel free to use all the produce of the herb garden. We would greatly appreciate the herb garden being watered if you have an extended stay of more than 2 days.

On departure:

Please switch off all appliances, lock windows and doors.

Keys to be left in the back door and the other set to be returned to the KEY LOCK BOX.

It is stated clearly in the Terms and Conditions that animals are not to be left unattended for any length of time in the Cottage – if you are not sure what this means, please contact us BEFORE you book your stay so that we can clarify everything to make your stay a pleasant one for both of us (AND our neighbours!)

We strongly encourage you to take pets with you (the Mountain is generally a very dog-friendly location), but if you absolutely cannot, then we encourage you to use the services of the locals as listed below. Dog anti-bark collars are available for a fee (book ahead) if you cannot avoid going out and cannot take your dogs with you – PLEASE contact us if you need to clarify this point.

PET SITTING SERVICE: Linda Dubberley Ph 07 55450681  Mobile 0418 103 522

CREATURE COMFORTS Pet Minding: Sharee Gordon 0417007300

DOG WALKER:  Penny 07 5545 1178

MOBILE MASSAGE THERAPIST: Anna Earl Ph 07 5545 3916 Mobile 0417 156 139


The Management:  Barbara Honore 0405 329 002